Video Feedback

Automated video interaction streamlining your business.

One Slack command is enough.
Or CRM automation ...
... or URL link ...
... or QR code ...
... or ...


Benefits and implementation?

Speaking (even on video) is up to seven times faster than writing. Video has quickly become a popular way to communicate and, especially to gather feedback, it opens up new dimensions for conveying both facts and emotions, even with just one Slack command requested! Our service works without any installations for anyone. It is a SWaS solution that is ‘woven’ for the customer into an existing operating environment. The communication, sub-features and appearance of the service can be customized as required by the customer as a tightly or loosely integrated solution.



Automation is implemented by combining the necessary cloud service technologies into one entity. The service provider parties comply with GDPR legislation and the information is distributed to independent parties, so that, for example, video files are stored in a different system than the fixed-form contact and are only linked by an anonymous string identifier.

Telecommunications and data are verified e.g. with these technologies: HTTPS, AES, Strict Transport Security (HSTS), CSP protection, PBKDF2-SHA512, server rooms according to SOC 3 , ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. Most of the service is produced in the AWS environment.